Why VirtueLab?

The body of work related to the concept of virtues and their application in everyday life is incredibly vast. A person can study virtue ethics for a lifetime and never reach the limits of the subject. building on much of that work, the goals of this website include:

  • Standardizing the criteria for what character traits and habits actually constitute virtues
  • Presenting and refining a model of character and virtues that is useful in all aspects of everyday life
  • Furthering our understanding of how virtuous habits are acquired and maintained
  • Demonstrating how and why virtues are related to concepts of personal character, corporate culture, family cohesiveness, and societal health
  • Providing space for discussion about the practical application of virtue concepts in real life
  • Providing articles and links to other sources that apply virtues to practical matters and current events

There is a great need for work of this type, especially given the current state of affairs across the world. Consider that a truly virtuous society has little need of laws, and you can begin to see the profound impact virtues can have if we can understand, apply, and practice them - and then take what we learn on a personal level and apply it more broadly.


What to Expect...

This site is currently under construction and will take shape over time. Please be patient, but check back for new content weekly.